In autumn, more than ever, we want to fill the office with the aromas of invigorating coffee and rich tea, to please our colleagues with a variety of coffee breaks or to chat with people important to us in a warming atmosphere of friendly conversation.

We offer you to install a set of device for drinking water consumption and a coffee machine in your office, which will not only allow you to spend more time in pleasant communication, but also significantly expand the possibilities for preparing a variety of drinks – not only more delicious and fragrantcoffee and tea, but also a wide range of non-alcoholic cocktails prepared with both still and carbonated water.

Choose a safe, high-quality and modern solution for your office! We offer:

* standard price: 104.60€ + VAT/per month (when consuming up to 2 kg of coffee per month)

Campaign terms

Campaign period: until 31.10.2021

Contract period: at least 24 months

Coffee: during the rental period of the set, you must use only coffee purchased from VENDEN in the coffee machine

Campaign is valid: while the equipment is available in stock



Extra bonus!

We will take care of high-quality service - installation of equipment, technical support, and also advise on all your questions you might be interested in.


Fill in the application form and we will contact you:

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Find out more about the available types of COOL TOUCH™ devices and coffee machines on our home page or contact your manager / call 67344444.

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