The new COOL TOUCH™ SMART equipment with an improved technology complex provides even greater safety and convenience for daily consumption of drinking water!

The newest generation of COOL TOUCH™ SMART water consumption equipment allows you to get purified and safe drinking water from the water supply in unlimited quantities. Made of premium materials, easy to use - these devices, equipped with a sensor display, elegant design and a three-stage water filtration system, ensure hygienic water supply in the required amount.

The complex of technological improvements for increased safety of drinking water consumed includes three additional methods:

How does it work?

Mobile application

A mobile application is now available for even more convenient water consumption!

The COOLTOUCH mobile application is available free of charge both in the Apple App Store for iOS users and in the Google Play Store for Android users in Latvian, English, Russian and Estonian languages.

The mobile application provides you with following opportunities:

Find out more about available types of COOL TOUCH™ equipment in the catalogue on our website or by contacting your manager / calling 67344444.


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