As of 01.02.2022, Latvia has joined the list of countries where a deposit system has been introduced for certain types of beverage packaging.

Within framework of this system, when purchasing beverages in marked packaging, the buyer pays a small so-called “deposit”, which is later repaid when handing over the empty packaging at the specialized reception points.

The purpose of the deposit system is to supplement and improve waste management in Latvia and to stimulate the recycling of frequently purchased and discarded types of packaging.

For which packaging is it possible to receive a refund of the deposit?

All packaging participating in the deposit system have a special deposit mark:

The deposit package to be handed must be:

The deposit system will not accept the following packaging:

Such packaging may be placed in waste sorting containers.

More detailed information on packaging included in the system can be found in the section "What to hand over?" on the Latvian deposit system website.

Where to put an empty packaging?

An empty deposit packaging can be handed over in approximately 1400 deposit points throughout Latvia:

Empty deposit packaging can be handed over:

If you did not find a vending machine in or near the store, ask at the checkout if it is possible to return the packaging to the shop assistant.

The map with the location of the deposit packaging acceptance points can be found in the section "Where to hand over?" on the deposit system website.

Do not flatten the packaging!

We are already accustomed to flattening the plastic packaging when sorting and throwing it in containers to save space.

On the other hand, within framework of the deposit system, whole, undamaged containers with minimal deformation and easy-to-read information on the label must be handed over.

How to use reverse vending machine?

  1. Insert the bottles into the machine one by one, with the bottom part forward
  2. When all the bottles are inserted in the machine, press the button on the screen
  3. Receive a deposit coupon for the packaging handed over
  4. Use the coupon to pay for purchases at the store listed on the coupon

Do I need to remove the cap before inserting the bottle into the machine?

Reverse vending machines accept bottles with or without caps, but it is recommended to return bottles with caps:

Will it be possible to hand over packaging purchased in Lithuania or Estonia to the deposit system?

Only packaging with the correct labelling may be handed over to the deposit system – the mark of the Latvian deposit system:

What is the deposit fee?

The amount of the deposit fee in the amount of 10 cents per bottle is set forth by the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No. 519 "Regulations for the Operation of the Deposit Syste". Upon handing of the deposit packaging at the point of acceptance, the deposit fee is returned in the form of a coupon for the purchase of goods in the respective store.

During the transition period ending on 31.07.2022, stores are allowed to sell goods in packaging with and without a deposit mark at the same time. However, packaging without a deposit mark cannot be handed over within the deposit system.