Natural mineral water VENDEN is obtained in one of the most beautiful, greenest and cleanest places in Latvia – Gauja National Park. Here we can be overwhelmed by complete unity with nature – the joy of hearing a birdsong, the reflections of the bright sun on the grass and trees, as well as the breath-taking views and admiration of the beauty of nature. We can even meet countless inhabitants of our fields and forests, including children’s favourite deer, foxes, hares and hedgehogs.

But now you will be able to meet forest animals much easier and more often: our friends Louis the lynx, Vendenis the woodpecker and Dadzis the hedgehog came to us themselves and will greet you from all VENDEN KIDS bottles!

Our natural mineral water VENDEN KIDS 0.37 L bottles are perfect for children:

Natural mineral water VENDEN can be consumed without restrictions by both adults, including pregnant and breast-feeding women, and children, as it has a low degree of mineralization.

Louis the lynx

The king of Latvian forests. Graceful and observant.

Nothing happens in the forest without his knowledge, the lynx is present at all important events in the forest.

It is Louis who knows all the forest trails. Sometimes he seems to know even what goes on in molehills.

He notices everyone. Virtually no one notices him, because he knows how to successfully merge with trees, grass and leaves. His soft cat paws allow him to move so quietly that not a leaf is touched.

The lynx likes to climb trees. From the top of the highest fir trees, he can clearly see everything that happens even in the most remote corners of the forest.

Dadzis the hedgehog

A hedgehog may seem as not the fastest inhabitant of the forest, but Dadzis is. While the hares and deer will be running like crazy, he will carefully evaluate the route and the wind speeds in order to arrive at the destination half a second before everyone else and without too much effort.

Dadzis the hedgehog is smart because he has read all the encyclopaedias available in the forest library.

He is talkative and witty, and will always engage in conversation with any forest resident. He will always have an encouraging word and a joke to tell his friends.

Vendenis the woodpecker

He is notable for two characteristics – his red crest of feathers and the loud clucking of his beak. That’s why you can always see and hear him from a distance.

It is the woodpecker that brings the daily heartbeat to all forest events. He likes music, especially drums. Vendenis the woodpecker could drum all day by himself. The main thing is to find a good sounding pine tree.

He is friendly, funny and always ready to be a DJ at the events of his forest friends.

Colour the world with VENDEN!

Your new friends have also prepared various interesting ingenuity tasks and colouring pictures for you. Download, print and get started! Be creative, brainstorm and colour the world together with the VENDEN KIDS characters – Louis the lynx, Vendenis the woodpecker and Dadzis the hedgehog!

Colour it!

Find the differences!

Colour by numbers!

Count and colour!

Find the objects in the picture!

Find the way!


Find the words!

Connect the dots!


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