For many people, a cup of coffee in the morning is a constant ritual at the beginning of the working day. Good coffee allows you to tune in to a productive working day, improves the atmosphere in the team and helps to resolve any issues in a pleasant atmosphere. That's why having a cup of morning fragrant coffee with colleagues became almost an integral part of start of a new day.

We are happy to support the best traditions and offer to make your coffee ritual even tastier!

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Our experts will help you discover new aspects of this art. In addition, they will help you to choose the best coffee for your office, a device for its preparation from one of the world's leading manufacturers and tell you about the proper care of your equipment for long service life thereof.

From March 1 to May 31, apply for a free coffee tasting at your office and receive a delicious gift.

During the tasting (recommended number of participants: 5 – 7 persons) you can:

Only legal entities take part in the campaign.

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We give you

Coffee is one of the few drinks that allows you to create unexpected flavor combinations using spices and additives.

Secrets of a delicious coffee

Making coffee is an art where mastery requires knowing some secrets and many practical experiments. But we can give you some simple and easy-to-follow tips that will allow you to maximize the bouquet of your coffee, even in an office environment.

Choose the right water

The water you use to make your coffee directly affects the taste of your coffee. Some minerals and salts, contained in water in small concentrations, make it possible to extract from coffee beans those substances that give the drink taste, aroma and necessary strength. At the same time, in hard or highly mineralized water, the drink will turn out to be tasteless. Also, boiled, tap, or, conversely, distilled water is not suitable for making coffee. Therefore, for the most pleasant drink, you should choose fresh and soft water with a low amount of salts and minerals, without any foreign aromas or tastes. Soft water will help and extend the life of your coffee equipment.

Use qualitative milk and cream

Tasteless cream or low-quality milk can easily spoil any coffee. We recommend not to save money and choose only high-quality supplements and toppings. For example, milk with a fat content of 3% or more is best suited for whipping, and it is better to choose cream with a fat content of no more than 10%, otherwise they may not dissolve well in coffee.

The milk that is poured into the cappuccino maker must be cold, therefore, it must be kept in the refrigerator before preparing the drink. This will produce a denser and more pleasant froth.

Experiment with flavours

A few crystals of common salt can do a real miracle with coffee, because salt is the best way to reveal the full flavour of a real black drink. If you've never tried adding a tiny pinch of salt to your coffee water, try this simple experiment.

Moreover, we recommend experimenting with spices and finding your own unforgettable aroma: diversify the taste of coffee with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper, nutmeg or lemon.

Serve it right

A sudden change in temperature can lead to the disappearance of the aroma and taste of the coffee. Therefore, after making coffee, try to pour the finished product into a warmed cup: warm dishes allow you to fully appreciate the entire bouquet of the drink.

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