Modern and innovative COOL TOUCH™ KARBO spring water consumption equipment has a patented built-in THUNDERGUARD ozone generation system and is the most advanced and reliable solution for providing office or industrial premises with pure water.

COOL TOUCH™ – is an energy-efficient and convenient touchscreen equipment with an elegant aluminium case, made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials such as aluminium and glass.

Advantages of COOL TOUCH™ KARBO equipment

Service and user support

VENDEN provides technical support to all our customers by both going to customers to perform regular or extraordinary maintenance of the equipment in the entire territory of Latvia, and in case of consultations over the phone. The equipment maintenance includes full cycle, inter alia, delivery and installation of the equipment, all types of repair works, and substitution for equal equipment.

For convenience of the customers, and for faster and more efficient service, all COOL TOUCH™ spring water consumption equipment is tooled up with information display, which informs the users regarding necessity of supplementation of some component.

Main technical solutions

  • Energy efficient sensors for determination of movements, activating the equipment in users’ presence.
  • Patented ozone-generating system of the equipment prohibiting development of microorganisms in the spring water, and preserving mineral substances and salts valuable for human body.
  • Built-in holder for 100 glasses for compact storage of glasses.
  • Modern design with hardened glass and aluminium casing – for long-term service of the equipment, design and ecology.
  • Convenient Touch-Screen technology.
  • Hot water mode for children’s safety (the function may be switched off if necessary).
  • Built-in computerized system to control condition of gas cylinder and water tank.
  • Opportunity to connect to the coffee machine.
  • Availability of hot water any time: the equipments heats the water to 95°C.
  • Maximum chilling of carbonated water to 4°C.

Place the cursor over the panel element you are interested in.

PRESS AGAIN indicator
Double touch needed: operates as protection mechanism, when supplying hot water.
OUT OF CO2 indicator
Lights up, when there is lack of carbon dioxide.
CALL SERVICE indicator
Lights up, when the equipment requires technical support.
Hot water indicator Carbonated water indicator Cold water indicator
Hot water supply button Carbonated water supply button Cold water supply button

Equipment parameters

External dimensions360 x 355 x 1151 mm
Net weight39.6 kg
Cold water tank4.0 litres
Simultaneous maximum portion of cold water2.0 litres
Water heating element power480 W
Hot water tank2.2 litres
Hot water temperatureto 95°C
Cold water temperatureto 10°C
Carbonated water tank1.0 litre
Simultaneous maximum portion of carbonated water1.4 litres
CO2 cylinder5 litres, 5 MPa
Protection of compressor against overheating, with automatic renewal125°C
Capacity of a glass holder100 glasses (200 ml)
Electricity voltage220 – 240 V, ~ 50 Hz
Length of electricity cord2250 mm

Learn more of available types of COOL TOUCH™ equipment in the catalogue available on our home page, or by contacting your manager / calling 67344444.

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