Natural mineral water VENDEN is acquired in one of the most ecologically clean and beautiful places in Latvia – the picturesque Gauja National Park, where its source was discovered more than 200 years ago.

There are not many products that reach the consumer exactly as nature created them. However, the natural mineral water VENDEN at its acquisition site "Cirulisi", in the Gauja National Park, in the 133-meter deep borehole, is so pure that it does not require any treatment, only mechanical filtration from fine sand grains. As a result, neither its properties, nor its chemical composition, nor its microflora have been changed.

Types of water for human consumption

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the European Union and Latvia, there is the following gradation of water: natural mineral water, spring water and, finally, drinking water. These designationsare indicated by the marking on the product label.

Mineral water VENDEN – natural water of the highest quality

When choosing mineral water, it is important to pay attention to its composition – the degree of mineralization can vary from 0.01 to 14 g/l. Mineralization of water is determined by various minerals dissolved in it, while the degree of mineralization is determined by dry matter.

Water with a high degree of mineralization should not be drunk without restrictions, as its high content of mineral salts can have a negative effect on the body.

Natural mineral water VENDEN has a low degree of mineralization and an optimal combination of minerals, so it is safe for daily use without restrictions at any age, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it is also suitable for preparation of baby food.

The main components of natural mineral water VENDEN are:

Watch the video and get an insight into the journey of natural mineral water VENDEN from the acquisition site to the store shelf:

Awards granted to natural mineral water VENDEN

The excellent taste and high quality of natural mineral water VENDEN is appreciated by both buyers and experts:

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Our natural mineral water is perfect for daily use – enjoy it at home, at work and take it with you on your daily walks! Moreover, the drinks made on its basis with natural aromas will perfectly fit into festive occasions.

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