Carbonated natural mineral water VENDEN is the first natural mineral water produced in Latvia and the first carbonated natural mineral water produced in the Baltics which has received the prestigious International Taste Institute Superior Taste Award star certificate!

The jury of the International Taste Institute includes more than 200 professional independent taste experts from more than 20 countries who are members of well-known associations of chefs and sommeliers. In addition, each member of the jury is carefully selected based on their own tasting experience, having been highlighted by chef and sommelier competitions or by top institutions such as Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Millau.

In the general evaluation of leading experts, carbonated natural mineral water VENDEN has received

"Light and refreshing water with a pleasant structure and a hint of salinity on the palate. The aromas are pure and elegant."

What are the evaluation criteria?

Each product is evaluated according to 5 international Hedonic Sensory Analysis criteria pursuant to AFNOR XP V096A standards – first impression, visual appearance, aroma, taste, texture (food products) or aftertaste (drinks).

How is product evaluation performed?

To ensure truly objective assessment, tastings are conducted in complete silence, without seeing the product packaging and brand. The members of the jury are prohibited from making subjective or false judgments; each individually provides thoughtful feedback and advice on product improvement, based on their long-term experience in evaluating the taste of products.

Product samples are never compared with each other; they are always evaluated based on their individual characteristics. The experts, chefs and sommeliers of the International Taste Institute know only the product category they are evaluating. Water and other food and beverage samples are prepared and presented to the jury in the same way – in natural light from transparent or white containers, ensuring a consistent analysis process. And the process of serving them takes place according to a strict protocol.

The International Taste Institute also cooperates with accredited laboratories to test the chemical and physical components of the products, thus making sure that the quality of the sample corresponds to the quality of the product available to the consumer.

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