Every year on March 22, World Water Day is celebrated around the world. This holiday was established by the United Nations to draw public attention to the quality and value of this natural resource, because only 1% of the water on the surface of our planet is suitable and safe for consumption by human beings.

To draw attention to the existing water crisis in the world and to promote public awareness of the need to urgently improve the situation, we declare March as the Water month and urge children to participate in the drawing competition of year 2023!

In the competition announced in 2022 on the topic "Water in our world" for the rising new generation of the inhabitants of the Earth – pupils of preschool educational institutions – we received a great response. In total, more than 3400 drawings from 330 educational institutions were submitted, so we decided to organize the competition this year as well.

We invite all Latvian preschool educational institutions and educational institutions implementing preschool educational programs to participate in the competition! From March 17 to March 29, the works of young artists will be submitted to a public vote, which will determine 40 winners, as well as to the jury, which will determine 25 winners and 25 laureates who will receive certificates of appreciation for artistic performance. Among all the works submitted to the competition, VENDEN will also present its sympathy award and a special prize to the winners – the authors of the drawings.

Everyone will receive diplomas!

Several improvements have come in the new year!

We took into account the opinions and suggestions of last year’s competition participants, so this year several improvements have been made to the competition process:

This year the total prize fund is even bigger – 6000 Euros!

The authors of drawings that won prizes in both individual and group nominations will also receive a prize from a family amusement and recreation park ADVENTICA located in Riga in the Olimpia shopping centre.

All authors of the submitted drawings and the educational institutions they represent will receive diplomas for participating in the competition!

And we remind you – each preschool educational institution or educational institution that implements preschool educational programs can win and receive prizes in several categories!

* Prizes are not given in cash; this is a relative amount for which the educational institutions where the winners study will be able to supplement their sports equipment or materials necessary for the educational process.

Experience of year 2022: What is the secret of winning the public vote?

The results of public voting at the competition organized in 2022 proved that the highest results are obtained by friendly and active teams that urge for voting for the submitted drawings not only the parents of the group of pupils, but also other representatives of the institution, residents of the district, village or even the whole city. Therefore, if your child or introduced pupil succeeded in creating of a beautiful and interesting drawing, be sure to urge your loved ones to vote for him! Even the most beautiful drawing can get a small number of votes if no one knows about it.

We remind you that it is allowed to invite other people to vote for children's drawings submitted to the competition, but it is forbidden to offer any tangible or intangible value in exchange for votes. We have closely followed and analysed the voting of the 2022 competition, and this year we will make sure that it passes in accordance with the rules of the competition.

How will our creative jury evaluate submitted drawings?

This year, all submitted children’s drawings will also be evaluated by an independent creative jury, which includes three artists, members of the Latvian Union of Artists and teachers of the Baldone Art School: Talivaldis Muzikants, Ieva Muzikante and Sandra Lagzdina.

The jury will evaluate the children's drawings submitted for the competition in accordance with the certain criteria:

1st stage of the competition
Create drawings on the theme "Water in our world"

2nd stage of the competition
Upload of works on the website www.udensdiena.lv

3rd stage of the competition
Actively participate in voting together with friends

4th stage of the competition
Announcement of results and awarding

What is World Water Day?

In 1992, the UN declared March 22 of each year as World Water Day. Its aim is to draw attention to the availability and quality of water and remind everyone of its value, the need to protect and take care of the water resources of our planet, because today 2 billion people are forced to live without access to safe drinking water.

Each year, a topic is chosen for World Water Day. This year it aims to promote change to accelerate resolution of the water and sanitation crisis. This applies to everyone; therefore, everyone needs to act. Every family, school and community can do their part to improve the situation by changing their water consumption habits.

Become the part of the change you want to see in the world – do what you can!

To facilitate changes, we need to act. Start today!

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