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Learn how “Royal Apple” natural juice has been made!

Have you already got acquainted yourself with  range of natural juice “Royal Apple” available on our website? It is 100% natural juice made of highly qualitative, carefully selected, fresh apple and vegetables.  


In the video, you can, step by step, follow the process of manufacturing of apple juice – from sweet apples in the largest fruit garden in Europe to manufactured product that has been delivered further to the consumers.  Juice has been made from sort of apples which is pleasantly sweetish, therefore many people like it more than habitual taste  of apple juice.

All products have been made with no sugar added, no preservatives and no colourants. It is particularly good because of the fact that it has not been clarified artificially.

So to keep the juice fresh, preserving its naturalness, only mild pasteurisation has been used in manufacturing process.

It is time to taste!