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At the end of May, VENDEN, the Latvian manufacturer of spring and natural mineral water, continued the started campaign planting trees on the Lielupe promenade in Jelgava. Such a gift to one of the Latvian cities is a tradition commenced by VENDEN 4 years ago, by choosing one of the cities where the VENDEN branch is located every year as a result of a public vote.

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VENDEN –  the Official Partner of the 2023 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship 

We, VENDEN, support an active, healthy lifestyle and sports, so we are very happy and honoured to be the Official Partner of the IIHF World Hockey Championship for the second time. Throughout the championship - both before the start of the games and during the competition - we provided the Latvian national team, foreign teams and the organizers of the event with VENDEN spring water "Mezavots" and VENDEN natural mineral water.

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Find out how VENDEN natural mineral water is obtained and produced!

Find out how VENDEN natural mineral water is obtained and produced! Not many products reach the consumer exactly as nature created them. One of them is natural mineral water VENDEN, produced in the reservation, Gauja National Park, with a unique natural composition. It is so pure that it does not require any additional processing, except for simple mechanical filtration from fine sand particles.

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Product of the year 2021 – still natural mineral water VENDEN 

This year, the Latvian Association of Traders also collected data on the total sales volume of goods and determined favourite brands of consumers in Latvia. VENDEN is proud of the fact that VENDEN still natural mineral water in a 1.5-liter bottle received the award “Product of the Year 2021”.

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How does the degree of roasting of coffee beans affect the taste of coffee?   

The key to aromatic and pleasant-tasting coffee is the high-quality roasting of beans. During this process, coffee beans not only evaporate excess moisture, but also a lot of various chemical processes make your coffee great. For example, caffeine released under the influence of high temperatures emphasizes such our favourite flavour of the drink and caramelized in the process of steaming grains sucrose gives coffee its characteristic brown colour.

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