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Product of the year 2021 – still natural mineral water VENDEN 

This year, the Latvian Association of Traders also collected data on the total sales volume of goods and determined favourite brands of consumers in Latvia. VENDEN is proud of the fact that VENDEN still natural mineral water in a 1.5-liter bottle received the award “Product of the Year 2021”.

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How does the degree of roasting of coffee beans affect the taste of coffee?   

The key to aromatic and pleasant-tasting coffee is the high-quality roasting of beans. During this process, coffee beans not only evaporate excess moisture, but also a lot of various chemical processes make your coffee great. For example, caffeine released under the influence of high temperatures emphasizes such our favourite flavour of the drink and caramelized in the process of steaming grains sucrose gives coffee its characteristic brown colour.

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VENDEN gifts Dutch linden trees to the city of Cesis!

For the third year in a row, VENDEN, the Latvian manufacturer of spring and natural mineral water, has continued to take care of nature by planting trees in various Latvian cities. As a result of the people’s vote, Cesis, where one of the six VENDEN branches is located, was chosen for greening this year.

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Interview with Uldis Kondratovičs, director of the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia and Laila Kundziņa, executive Director of the University of Latvia Foundation

We are delighted to announce that VENDEN has started a close cooperation with the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia (UL) and will be its information partner in 2022.

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Interview with Solvita Kabakova - the founder of the “Leader” forum

In September, the fourth “Leader” forum of growth and inspiration took place, and VENDEN was delighted and pleased to support this event this year by providing visitors with natural mineral water throughout the day.

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