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The world of coffee bean flavours

A cup of coffee in the morning is a constant ritual that allows you to calmly tune in to productive work and start a new day. And as far as we are all different, so different are our preferences associated with this favorite drink. This article will show you what the first step is to take in finding your favorite coffee flavour.

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VENDEN starts a new tradition of city landscaping 

VENDEN has been taking care of the environment for many years. Taking care of nature, VENDEN recycles used plastic packaging, uses energy-efficient solutions in production, and now the company has decided to abandon paper in its daily work. This year it was also decided to start a new tradition - to plant trees every year in one of Latvian cities to take care of the environment, improve air quality and improve the territory.

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VENDEN's fleet has been replenished with 17 new cargo vans

Continuous growth and development of the company requires a constant increase in the efficiency of order deliveries throughout the territory of Latvia. Therefore, in 2020, VENDEN, with the financing by "SEB lizings" Ltd. in the amount of 916 thousand euros, updated and replenished its fleet

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What is "baby water" and what kind of water is actually better to choose for the baby 

Children are our greatest joy and concern, and, of course, our future. Each parent wants to give their children only the best, taking maximum care to the best of their abilities and knowledge, trying to provide nutrition, including water, of the best quality. What, besides the packaging and the manufacturer, should you pay attention to when choosing water for a child?

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VENDEN "Mezavots" spring water is now available in RIMI stores! 

Every day we work to ensure that you always have the opportunity to choose and purchase your favourite VENDEN products in the most convenient place for you and at a convenient time. We are pleased to announce that now the exchange points of our VENDEN "Mezavots" spring water in 18.9 l bottles are also available in RIMI LATVIA stores.

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