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5 most common myths about water

More and more people are passionate about and focus on a healthier and more active lifestyle, because of its positive effects on health. When we start playing sports or do some physical activities, we also need to drink more water on a daily basis. Nowadays, with the wide availability of literature and the Internet, it seems that we have already learned everything possible about water. However, there are still a number of myths about water consumption in society.

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The perfect drink for a great start of the day

It is so nice to start the morning with a cup of fragrant coffee that is already so familiar and popular. However, coffee is not only an invigorating hot drink in a way so familiar to us all, but it can also be a basic ingredient in various cocktails If you want to change the usual taste of coffee a little, we recommend you trying this soft drink recipe.

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Sparkling cocktail for a romantic evening 

A delicious and unusual drink can give weekdays a holiday feeling, turning an ordinary conversation into a sincere conversation and filling the evening with notes of romance. Therefore, together with the winner of international awards - bartender Linards Grundmanis, we have prepared for you a beautiful sparkling non-alcoholic cocktail.

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Arabica and Robusta: which one to choose?

Today coffee can be called one of the most popular drinks in the world. And among all the species of coffee plants in the world, there are only two main favourites, commonly well known to us all. They differ not only in appearance, but also, most importantly, in taste and their characteristics.

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A warm winter drink at your home

Winter is a time when cosy evenings by the fireplace, good interlocutors and, of course, hot drinks will be able to improve the mood. Therefore, together with the internationally awarded bartender Linards Grundmanis, we have prepared a simple, very tasty, aromatic, warming and vitamin-filled non-alcoholic sea buckthorn warm drink for you.

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