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Arabica and Robusta: which one to choose?

Today coffee can be called one of the most popular drinks in the world. And among all the species of coffee plants in the world, there are only two main favourites, commonly well known to us all. They differ not only in appearance, but also, most importantly, in taste and their characteristics.

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A warm winter drink at your home

Winter is a time when cosy evenings by the fireplace, good interlocutors and, of course, hot drinks will be able to improve the mood. Therefore, together with the internationally awarded bartender Linards Grundmanis, we have prepared a simple, very tasty, aromatic, warming and vitamin-filled non-alcoholic sea buckthorn warm drink for you.

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The world of coffee bean flavours

A cup of coffee in the morning is a constant ritual that allows you to calmly tune in to productive work and start a new day. And as far as we are all different, so different are our preferences associated with this favorite drink. This article will show you what the first step is to take in finding your favorite coffee flavour.

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VENDEN starts a new tradition of city landscaping 

VENDEN has been taking care of the environment for many years. Taking care of nature, VENDEN recycles used plastic packaging, uses energy-efficient solutions in production, and now the company has decided to abandon paper in its daily work. This year it was also decided to start a new tradition - to plant trees every year in one of Latvian cities to take care of the environment, improve air quality and improve the territory.

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VENDEN's fleet has been replenished with 17 new cargo vans

Continuous growth and development of the company requires a constant increase in the efficiency of order deliveries throughout the territory of Latvia. Therefore, in 2020, VENDEN, with the financing by "SEB lizings" Ltd. in the amount of 916 thousand euros, updated and replenished its fleet

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