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Product of the year 2021 – still natural mineral water VENDEN 

This year, the Latvian Association of Traders also collected data on the total sales volume of goods and determined favourite brands of consumers in Latvia. VENDEN is proud of the fact that VENDEN still natural mineral water in a 1.5-liter bottle received the award “Product of the Year 2021”!

In Latvia, the European trademark “Product of the year” is used to highlight the most purchased goods in the country. For the title “Goods of the year”, the goods are selected by polling the most significant traders in various product categories, as well as by getting familiarized with market research data. Based on this data, since 2003, the Latvian Association of Traders has been awarding the “Product of the Year” trademark.

Aldis Skutans, CEO of VENDEN, emphasizes: “We are very glad that consumers prefer a product made in Latvia, obtained from one of the most beautiful and clean places in Latvia – the picturesque National Park of Gauja. Thank you for your trust over many years. Evaluation and recognition of consumers — this is always the best motivation for striving for even greater heights!” 

The producers of the favourite products were congratulated by Kaspars Gerhards, the Minister for Agriculture, and the prizes were awarded by Henriks Danusevics, the president of the Latvian Association of Traders, and Dainis Domins, the Vice-president of the Association.

Natural mineral water VENDEN is extracted from the well of the Cirulisi field. This is natural water with a low mineral salt content and excellent taste. This mineral water has an ancient history: from the end of the 40s to the beginning of the 90s of the last century, “Cirulishi” was the famous health resort, where people came for rest and treatment not only from neighbouring countries, but also from Europe, and mineral water was used to restore health in procedures.

VENDEN – natural value of the National Park of Gauja.