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The perfect drink for a great start of the day

It is so nice to start the morning with a cup of fragrant coffee that is already so familiar and popular. However, coffee is not only an invigorating hot drink in a way so familiar to us all, but it can also be a basic ingredient in various cocktails, which allows you to discover new nuances of the taste of this drink and enjoy it in a variety of ways. If you want to change the usual taste of coffee a little, we recommend you trying this soft drink recipe. Together with the internationally awarded bartender Linards Grundmans, we have prepared a slightly different coffee drink, which will be suitable to enjoy both in the morning and during the afternoon coffee break.


Rochester rum and raisin soft drink  - 50ml
Black coffee - 150 ml
Monin nut syrup – 1 tbsp.
12% cream – 50 ml
Decorate with grated chocolate.


Make black coffee in a French press first. Pour Rochester rum and raisin drink and Monin nut syrup in a serving coffee cup. Pour cup of hot black coffee over the ingredients. Whip the cream, either in its packaging or by pouring into another container, by hand. Pour the foam prepared over the coffee using a spoon. At the very end grate dark or milk chocolate on top of the foam.