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Did you know that Aleksandrs Samoilovs had a competitors’ relations with Janis Smedins and they did not talk to each other? Their fathers decided at their "parental” meeting that they had to play together as pair. How has this path developed further in his sports career? Why didn’t Aleksandrs Samoilovs become a doctor, but a professional beach volleyball player?

The athlete admits that the biggest motivation is that he really does not like to lose and the biggest urge to move forward is the spirit of competition, the taste of victory. Alexander says that it depends on the emotions provided by victories and they are a very good driving force. He also loves beach volleyball: “I do it with pleasure and I don’t have to force myself to go. If I’m tired, my muscles hurt, my head is tired, but still I go to training, I hear blows and it is very good, I seem to wake up. I do my favourite job and if I still get emotions from victories, that’s the best motivation.”


Find out about this and more about Aleksandrs’s exciting sports by watching the interview!