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VENDEN "Mezavots" spring water is now available in RIMI stores! 

Every day we work to ensure that you always have the opportunity to choose and purchase your favourite VENDEN products in the most convenient place for you and at a convenient time.

We are pleased to announce that now the exchange points of our VENDEN "Mezavots" spring water in 18.9l bottles are also available in RIMI LATVIA stores.

To date, the exchange service is provided by 15 RIMI LATVIA stores, and in a time being this list will expand.

New VENDEN "Mezavots" spring water exchange points are available in following RIMI LATVIA stores:

Address of RIMI store City
A.Deglava iela 100 Riga
Brīvības 404 Riga
Ģertrūdes iela 66 Riga
Jaunmoku iela 21 Riga
Kalnciema iela 41 Riga
Maskavas 427 e Riga
Mārupes iela 10a Riga
Mīlgrāvja iela 14 Riga
Pērnavas iela 36 Riga
Prūšu iela 2b Riga
P. Brieža iela 33a Riga
Vaidavas 9 b Riga
Vienības gatve 95 Riga
18.novembra iela 136 Daugavpils
Skolas iela 4e Salaspils


In RIMI LATVIA stores, there is no opportunity to purchase a new bottle of spring water VENDEN “Mezavots” of 18.9l - you can only replace the empty bottles with full ones. When becoming a VENDEN client for the first time, or in the case when additional bottles or equipment are needed for water consumption, you can purchase them on venden.lv or in other available VENDEN “Mezavots” exchange points.