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The charity campaign carried out by VENDEN ended with a donation to the Children’s Hospital Foundation in the amount of EUR 15 000

With the ceremonial presentation of a cheque at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital on May 8, the charity campaign carried out by VENDEN ended. Within the framework of the campaign, we donated one cent from each product in a PET bottle sold for two months to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. The event was attended by representatives of VENDEN and the Children’s Hospital Foundation, as well as doctors and nurses of the Neonatal Care Department.

Having collected the data on sales results, we concluded that in March the amount diverted from purchases to the charity campaign was 6310.50 EUR, while in April 6731.41 EUR were donated. However, we decided to round up the amount of the donation to EUR 15,000, directing it to the purchase of equipment necessary to save the lives of new-borns admitted to the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. 

At the event, Agnese Nemme, the Head of the Project and Communication Department of the Children’s Hospital Foundation, confirmed that the foundation has received a donation of EUR 15 000 from VENDEN, and with these funds has already provided the Children’s Clinical University Hospital with everything necessary for the creation of 5 special water-heated beds, i.e., purchased special heated mattresses and equipment necessary for installation thereof. The doctors and nurses of the department confirm that this donation is really important and will greatly improve the possibilities of taking care of patients.

“Babies who no longer need intensive care, but need special attention and care, spend time in the Neonatal Care Department of the Children’s Hospital. Mostly premature babies with their mothers come here. In order for babies to feel good, they really need warmth, which can be ensured by special heated beds. The best comfort is provided by the heated water mattresses, in which the new-borns feel almost like in their mother’s belly – embraced by warmth and water thermoses. Two or even three mattresses can be placed in one crib, which is often necessary, as twins and sometimes even triplets are often born prematurely. That is why we are very happy about the gift from the VENDEN company - five new heated water beds, which will allow all the babies being taken care of in the department to provide the best possible conditions so that they grow bigger and stronger,” says Iveta Jakimenko, the Head Nurse of the 16th ward of the Children's Hospital.

VENDEN’s CEO, Aldis Skutans, emphasizes that children, family and an active lifestyle are the core values of the company. “We are truly pleased to join the range of companies that support the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Being here in the 16th Ward of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, where new-borns who need special care, stay, is really emotional, especially seeing that the equipment purchased for our donated funds is already being put to practical use. Thanks to everyone who actively bought VENDEN products in PET bottles during these two months, thus supporting our charity campaign. We also thank our cooperation partners, who actively carried out communication about this campaign both on social networks and at sale points. This is great proof that together we really can do more!”.

However, nothing ends with the campaign - support for the Children’s Hospital Foundation in the implementation of various projects is needed every day. Don’t delay - do a good job today! More information about the possibility to donate - https://bsf.lv/lv/ziedot/ka-ziedot