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Homepage Terms of Use

Homepage Terms of Use apply to SIA VENDEN (Reg.No. 40003325121) homepage www.venden.lv.

When visiting the homepage of SIA VENDEN, getting familiar with information published therein or using information and services got via this page you agree to follow the Homepage Terms of Use.

The Homepage Terms of Use are published on the homepage and are freely accessible to every user of the page.

The homepage of SIA VENDEN www.venden.lv is the only official homepage of the company. The information published therein reflects SIA VENDEN activities, aims and offered goods and services.

The owner and administrator of SIA VENDEN homepage is SIA VENDEN and it is entitled to amend and supplement the Homepage Terms of Use.

The information published on the homepage of SIA VENDEN is true and authentic, it meets the standards of secure information.

The aim of the information published on the homepage of SIA VENDEN is to inform its users about goods and services offered by SIA VENDEN in a convenient and transparent way, as well as to provide educational information on the water sector in general.

The information provided on the homepage of SIA VENDEN is not deemed to be binding offer of SIA VENDEN, unless otherwise specified in the homepage. In the homepage of SIA VENDEN data are published for information purposes only.

The information published on the homepage may be modified, supplemented or removed without warning or special notice. SIA VENDEN does not certify or guarantee that the homepage and services specified therein will operate without interruption. SIA VENDEN ensures operation of the homepage and maintains its functionality in accordance with legislation governing information flows.

SIA VENDEN assumes no responsibility for any expenses, damage or loss (direct, indirect, incidental, loss profit, etc.) incurred by the user or third party in any way in connection with the homepage visit or use.

The homepage of SIA VENDEN may contain links to other homepages owned or supervised by other natural or legal persons. SIA VENDEN assumes no responsibility for the content of the homepages of other natural or legal persons or services offered therein, or for damages or harm resulting from their visit by using links posted on the VENDEN homepage.

Users of SIA VENDEN homepage are forbidden to perform or allow activities that would be against security, stability and speed of the homepage system. It is forbidden to take any actions resulting in change of the homepage code, functionality, or content.

On SIA VENDEN homepage works of authorship, including graphic images, photographs, text, data, information, design, content and visual information, are the property of SIA VENDEN and the copyright object. Copying, reproducing, republishing, storing or other public or commercial use of the homepage or its parts is prohibited unless the written consent of SIA VENDEN is received.

Media may use the information without written permission of SIA VENDEN only if it will be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with the copyright laws of the Republic of Latvia by indicating references to the homepage of SIA VENDEN. SIA VENDEN is not responsible for topicality of the published information.

Operation of the homepage SIA VENDEN and the use of the homepage are governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. Resolution of all disputes arising out of or in connection with the Homepage Terms of Use is solely and exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Latvia.