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What should be order amount to get free delivery?
We deliver goods to our customers free of charge regardless of the order amount.
What is the minimum order amount?
If we talk about water, then there are usually two bottles of 18.9L spring water or 1 pack of natural mineral water VENDEN, while coffee minimum order of 1 kg.
Can VENDEN water be used to fill an aquarium?
For over 15 years in our office is aquarium with fish swimming very cosy only in VENDEN spring water, so we can assure that VENDEN spring water can be used to fill an aquarium.
Can I make a soup from spring water VENDEN Mezavots?
Just like in preparation of coffee and tea, it is important what water is used, the same relates to soup cooking. To get broth clear, you need to use good water to make it. Spring water VENDEN Mezavots is perfect for soup cooking because it is naturally soft, contains very low levels of iron and calcium, as well as very low sodium content indicating that this water can be used in low salt diets.
Is VENDEN water suitable for small children? From what age VENDEN water can be consumed?
Spring water VENDEN Mezavots can be used without age limit by everyone, both very small children and seniors, because it is underground water of the highest value according to all indicators - water with very low hardness and iron content, as well as very low sodium content, indicating that this water can be used in diets with reduced salt content.
Does spring water have some classification?
Yes, it is classified according to their flavours and sediments around sources of springs; springs are classified into sulphur springs, gypsum springs, iron springs, limestone springs and clear springs. VENDEN Mezavots is a clear spring.
Where can I return VENDEN empty bottles and what is the reward?
Each Customer shall be entitled to return empty VENDEN packing (bottles of 18.9 and 11 litres), receiving the deposit paid therefor.

At the moment of return, it shall be necessary to present a document confirming the purchase (receipt, invoice or deed of conveyance) on purchase of packing, personal identification document, as well as to compose a reference on sale of personal property (belongings) on the basis of the Regulations of the Cabinet No. 899 of 21 September 2010.

If bottles (packing) have been returned upon, failing to present a document confirming the purchase, money shall not be refunded.

When returning the packing, the Customer shall be paid:
    •  7.83 EUR, incl. VAT, for the bottle of 18.9 litres.
    •  6.83 EUR, incl. VAT, for the bottle of 11 litres.

Only clean and undamaged packing with VENDEN etiquette and handle shall be accepted, moreover, it may not be older than five years (year of issue may be seen at the bottom of the bottle).

Packing has been accepted only in VENDEN central office, in Ganibu dambis 33, Riga, on working days between 9.00 and 16.00.
Why does spring water become green and what should be done in this situation?
ZGreen water appears due to reproduction of freshwater algae (Chloromycete group) in water. Algae are a microscopic single-cell plant, while green colour is a chlorophyll pigment. In the environment algae are in huge quantities. During summer months their spores form a large part of airborne dust. These algae are not harmful. These are not those blue or green sea algae in pools and lakes.
If only one such tiny particle of dust gets into a bottle or equipment, it creates potential possibility for water to get weedy in natural water. It just needs light, warmth and time. Therefore, adherence to adequate water storage and high hygiene requirements is very important. Particularly during warm season, it is important to avoid putting equipment and bottles in direct sunlight, when exposed to sunlight, water can be warmed to + 50 ° C. If a room where is a spring water VENDEN Mezavots is sunny, ask a representative of VENDEN for the bottle "protective cap".
Is it true that VENDEN does not comply with the law and illegally transports water from spring to the plant?
No, it is not true! VENDEN runs a business in accordance with all laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the European Union regulations that stipulate that companies that started their activity before 2006 do not necessarily have to be located next to water abstraction site. Water may be transported in accordance with the standards laid down by the Food and Veterinary Service.
Where else can I buy big bottles of spring water VENDEN Mezavots?
Spring water VENDEN Mezavots can be bought at supermarkets and networks of petrol stations.
Do your new CoolTouch devices actually consume less electric power than ordinary devices?
Yes, it is true, energy savings are from 15% to 50% depending on model of device.
Is carbonated water a mineral water?
No, not always. During bottling process carbon dioxide may also be added to drinking water and it will be carbonated drinking water. In Latvia natural mineral water is abstracted only in still form, carbon dioxide is added only during bottling process.
What is the difference between salty mineral water and ordinary mineral water?
In general, all natural mineral waters are classified into 4 categories - low mineralization, moderate mineralization, high mineralization and medicinal mineral waters. This classification is determined by predominant salts of mineral water, the more salty taste has water, the higher is mineralization.
Are VENDEN polycarbonate bottles harmful for filling water?
Each plastic product and packaging has a specific purpose for which it is intended. If the package is used according to its purpose, there is no risk. Also widely discussed bisphenol is a permitted substance, it has a certain rate that can be added to plastic and used to filling water. The bottle also has an English inscription "For drinking water only". The only thing is that product in this plastic should not be heated, and this is not done. Polycarbonate bottles have been tested repeatedly in Latvia as well as in other EU laboratories. Conclusion is clear: VENDEN polycarbonate bottles meet all safety and security requirements.
What to do if you have detected a microcrack in the spring water VENDEN "Mežavots" 18.9L or 11L bottles?
Each bottle of spring water VENDEN "Mežavots" is tested several times before refilling. The first check takes place with the help of a light screen - it can be used to determine whether there is a crack in the bottle. The second test is carried out with a specially designed "Leaktester" device. It uses pressure to determine whether the bottle has a microcrack - a very small hole. If any defects are found in the bottle, it is no longer used for refilling. However, there is a possibility that microcracks may also occur later during transportation or moving of the bottles. If you find that the bottle is leaky, please indicate it by writing on the top of the bottle with a marker or by attaching a sheet with the inscription "CAURS" with adhesive tape. In such cases, we exchange the bottle free of charge. Further actions depend on whether you order water with delivery from VENDEN or buy it at one of the exchange points - Circle K, Maxima, Rimi, Virši A, Viada etc.
  • If you bought the damaged bottle at one of the exchange points, go to the specific sale point, show the document proving the purchase (receipt or waybill) and inform the employee of the sale point that the bottle has a microcrack. The damaged bottle will be exchanged for a new one free of charge. In case of any misunderstanding or problems in exchanging the bottle, please contact us by phone at 67 34 44 44 or by email at info@venden.lv.
  • If you received a damaged bottle in delivery from VENDEN, inform us about the microcrack occurred next time you place an order. The damaged bottle will be exchanged for a new one free of charge.
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