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Consumption of enough liquid helps to combat viruses and infections

It is not a secret that consumption of enough liquid helps restore faster when being ill and to get rid of toxic substances  which can accumulate in the body during infection diseases. However, one must remember that process of drinking water must also be safe.

Innovative COOL TOUCH devices provide increased safety and protection against transfer of viruses and bacteria from one to another user:

  • COOL TOUCH is equipped with single water tap, which is protected from touching of hands by special constructive element ensuring additional microbiological safety.
  • Sensor buttons are placed in the distance from the tap, therefore, there is no chance to touch nozzle accidentally, when pressing the button.
  • Only sterilized air is used in water supply cycle, and different microorganisms from air do not get into water.
  • When using hot water mode, the tap has been disinfected additionally with high-temperature water.  
  • Built-in innovative ozone generation system blocks increase of microflora and eliminates large number of different viruses.

Of course, one must remember that surface of sensor buttons touched by fingers must also be cleaned regularly with disinfectants, but smooth surface of sensor panel and absence of closely available elements which might get into the water make this process significantly more comfortable and efficient.