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Conversation with captain of the ice hockey club “Dinamo Rīga” – Lauris Darzins

The captain of ice hockey club “Dinamo Rīga”, supported by VENDEN,  Lauris  Darzins tells in the interview about daily routine of a professional ice hockey player  on the ground and beyond its borders, about nutrition, life style and hobby. In the end, his wishes to spectators is also there!

Video in Latvian language


Darzins says that there is no “typical” day of the ice hockey player – each day varies, and difference between season and non-season is significant. During the season, players spend lot of time on the road, which is verification of health with respect to tenacity; therefore, players observe the daily routine attentively.   

Of course, healthy life style includes consumption of sufficient quantity of liquid. It is important to the ice hockey players so that they would not have dehydration during the entire match, but, at the same time, there should not be too much liquid. In a time being, you feel your body and understand “signals” indicating the necessity to drink.   

It has come out that players of Dinamo Rīga have common hobby! It is golf – wonderful opportunity to relax actively with family and friends, and this sport makes players closer beyond the ground.

Lauris Darzins wishes spectators health, and to those following activities of Dinamo Rīga – he wishes to be with the team both in rises and falls, because ice hockey means emotions, and the team  does its best to present these emotions!