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Water – the child’s best friend and aide 

Human’s body consists of liquid mainly. It is necessary for functioning of the body. Insufficient quantity of water affects physical and emotional feeling, reduces ability to concentrate and causes headache.   How much water one needs to drink, how to choose appropriate water, and how to accustom a baby to drink enough?

“Do you want to drink?”

Experience of the nutritionist Svetlana Aleksejeva testifies that children do not feel thirst always; therefore, they must be accustomed to drinking of water – regularly, in small portions. One must also follow that enough water is consumed during the day. It is important not only to control quantity of water consumed, but also to explain to a child, why drinking is necessary. Parents may not be able to be besides always and follow, if the child drinks. The family example is also essential.  

Water – the best source of liquid for a child

Often children since the very early years do not want to drink ordinary water, asking for lemonades, fruit drinks, juice. The nutritionist Svetlana Aleksejeva persuades to evade such situation: "Sweetened drinks are the same sweets as candies or juice. They contain lot of sugar, those are excessive empty calories unnecessary to a child’s body, and they also cause loss of liquid in the body.   One fourth of Latvian children suffer from obese, there3fore such products must be avoided". Research confirmed that excessive use of sweetened carbonated drinks not only increases risk of getting obese, but also causes brittleness of bones.

Correct choice of water

Even if a child drinks water willingly, several nuances must be observed. Not everyone comes to understand peculiarities and difference between drinking, mineral or spring water. Mineral water has been acquired from deep underground hole and has been used unprocessed.  It contains many valuable salts and mineral substances, preserves its natural features.  

Spring water also does not require additional processing, except for mechanical filtration to eliminate small particles. It also contains minerals and salts, but less than mineral water. 

The third category – drinking water – has been acquired from any spring: from rivers and lakes to city water supply system. Therefore, manufacturers chemically purify thereof from harmful admixtures and microorganisms, artificially change the composition to comply with standards. 

Secrets of accustoming of a child to drink water

Drinks with natural taste, however, without sugar, will also be appropriate. Survey, carried out by VENDEN, showed that particular popularity was won by water with taste of lemon: it was chosen by 54% of people surveyed.  Water with natural aroma does not contain colourants, sugars and calories. It is excellent solution for work-outs and school, if it is inconvenient to give fruit and berries to a child.