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“We live in era of habits!”

Interview with fitness trainer Ivars Ikstens

Video in Latvian language


A physiotherapist of basketball team of the University of Latvia and a fitness trainer Ivars Ikstens tells in interview to VENDEN that his work is to train athletes to take care of their health. Athletes often think that the main factor of success includes work-outs, but the main part of work actually takes place beyond work-outs, complying with rules for keeping oneself in good health.

The same can apply to feeling of office employees – working in sitting posture negatively affects health, therefore, Ikstens recommends to do sports in free time, and to try to move more at work. In the video, there are several exercises one can try to relax tired muscles during work.

Recommendation by Ivars – as we live in era of habits, we should try so that our habits were  as healthy as possible!

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